Our marketing research team has concluded that although most Ghanaian products are by far better than the imported ones, yet the market prefer the imported products over Ghana’s. Over 90% of Ghanaian businesses and products do not have what it takes to compete on the international markets due to the lack of employment of conceptual writers to brainstorm about a need that might result in drawing marketing plans and translating them into product designs. Obviously Ghanaian businesses have less regard for Product Designs as a vital tool to advance business. Compare designs of popular Ghanaian business to that of an international business, and you’ll know what we are talking about.Now you know! Get a Good Logo and earn yourself a reputable trademark for your operations. EROAT is a specialist in corporate designs and again interested in helping your hospitality property earn that enviable reputation.
Change your logo
How Good Logo looks like?
A logo is simple and self explanatory, legible and easy for reproduction, unique and catches attention. An acceptable Logo thus becomes an organizations trademark. The trademark therefore becomes a CORPORATE IMAGE OR A BRAND, and the Brand is that Sells. Contract us to undertake your corporate design and publishing demands. Typical work samples includes; Folders, Handbills, Newsletters, Logo, Labels, Calendars, Desktop Organizers, Memo Pads, Complimentary an Greeting Cards, ID-Cards, Name Tags, letterheads; branding, Catalogues, Souvenirs, etc.

Why is it necessary to contract a corporate design agency for your operations? Did you know all successful global businesses have media houses they operate with on either contractual or full time employment basis? These media houses are being paid big time to take charge of all media publication, such as design and prints, video and photography, publishing of newsletters, periodicals, advertisement etc.

The motive behind

  • To enable achieve effectiveness and quality service delivery.
  • In order to cut cost on capital and employment
  • In order to run a consistent conceptual advertisement
  • To control and maintain media standards


We are a unique hospitality management company with a passion for recruiting and working with great talents in other to render the best quality of service ever available to our cherished clients

  • Hotel Management.
  • Executive Search and Recruitment.
  • Internship Placements.
  • Nationwide cleaning and Painting.
  • Branding and Marketing.
  • Publishing.
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Fully Certified

We are a certified member of the Ghana Tourism Authority; as such we have deep resource
to cater for your hospitality needs.

Exceptional Reputation

Our reputation and client references will speak for themselves. We will never cross the lines of confidentiality or trust.

Candidate Sourcing

Access to innovative recruiting resources ensures our ability to secure the finest talent available. In addition, our proprietary database houses the resumes of over 1,000 hospitality industry professionals throughout the country.

Industry Experience

All members of our recruiting team have held executive-level positions within the restaurant and hotel industries. Thus, they bring out good staff.

Replacement Guarantees

In the rare instance that your new employee does not work out, our replacement guarantees will provide you with added security.

Selection Tools

We continue to utilize the finest pre-employment screening tools to maximize the potential for success of your new employee and assure they are truly qualified to join your team.

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Eroat Ghana Ltd is the first Ghanaian Hospitality and Restaurant Management service provider in Ghana with an enviable portfolio of hotel and restaurant facilities.



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